At Primera Pools, we are proud of our long history serving pool customers throughout the United States. Bringing our services to the greater East Texas area, we build and remodel pools, as well as repair pools, fix issues you have with your pool, and educate you on how to keep your backyard oasis in pristine condition. We will provide you with all the tools and information you need to become a more responsible pool owner and will always be here for you when you need us.

Experienced swimming pool service technicians

As experienced and professional swimming pool professionals for the East Texas area, we know exactly what your pool needs to stay healthy and clean. Then, we can show you our methods and techniques so you know what we did and how you can perform the same maintenance to your pool in the future.

Primera Pools believes that the very best pools are those with owners who know precisely what it takes to maintain them. Those owners care deeply about preserving their pools and protecting their investment. Everyone has a busy life with countless distractions – but to keep your pool healthy, happy, and fun, you need to learn exactly what that takes and how to do it.

Whether you are an inexperienced pool owner or a long-time expert at personal pool maintenance, you may still run into issues that you cannot explain or solve. That’s where we come in. Through proper education and know-how, we help you understand exactly what made your pool change from its normal state and how to counteract those issues in the future.