60+ Years in the Industry

There’s more to owning a swimming pool than digging a hole and filling it with water. Maintaining a proper pool on your property requires patience, knowledge, and expertise. However, with the right East Texas swimming pool service provider and educator on your side, anyone can have a beautiful outdoor oasis of their own.

At Primera Pools, we are a husband and wife team with 60+ years of combined experience in the swimming pool construction, remodel & repair service industry. From our start in plastering and finishing for pools throughout the country, we have extended our services to include full pool remodels and new construction in the East Texas area.

From regular maintenance to heavy repairs, remodels, and total makeovers, we know what it takes to provide you with a pool you can be proud of. We also know that every pool has its own personality and character – there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to creating and maintaining your perfect pool.

Achieve your dream pool

Where other pool service professionals may sell cheap, Band-Aid solutions, trying to get the job done, our business model revolves around helping our customers keep their pools looking beautiful and feeling wonderful. If you have been let down in the past by shoddy workmanship, contacting us is your best bet for correcting issues with your swimming pool and protecting it against future problems.

Our commitment to customer service goes beyond the traditional promises of excellence. We want our customers to become our friends. They know they can trust our knowledge and expertise, our access to a wide range of educational resources, and more. When you have questions or concerns about your swimming pool, we want you to feel comfortable calling us for the answers. Whether that means letting you in on trade secrets or teaching you the language that swimming pool service providers use every day, we’re ready and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have the perfect pool in East Texas.

For more information on how you can achieve your dream pool in East Texas, contact Primera Pools and Renovations today.